An Arrogant God: A Nonbeliever’s Perspective

An Arrogant God: A Nonbeliever’s Perspective

An all sufficient God creates a universe for what purpose?

It makes sense to me that a God would want to use their power and abilities to do whatever they wanted, create whatever they wanted, etc. So I get why God would create the universe with beautiful creatures and scenery, starry nights and blue skies sprinkled with fluffy clouds. What I don’t get is why God included humans as part of his creation.

God loves us?

The only answer I can get from Christians is that it’s because he loves us. That makes no sense to me at all.

This is what I know:

  • God doesn't need us
  • God isn't lonely
  • God is all sufficient


  • God is jealous
  • God is selfish
  • God is mean

If he doesn’t need us, isn’t lonely, and is all sufficient, what purpose do we serve by being here? If God is jealous, selfish, and mean, how does that equal love?

What does God want from us?

I’ve come to the conclusion, as you will hear in the podcast, that our purpose on earth is to worship God. God wants our worship, our sacrifice, our hard earned money, our first born child, an arm and a leg. God might not need anything but he certainly seems to want a lot of things from us.

A Christian might say that God deserves everything. But does God really deserve anything? If God created the universe knowing full well how everything would play out, why did he even do it? He knew Eve would screw up and eat the stupid fruit, ruining everything for the rest of eternity.

Is that love?

Is that love because we now have a “choice” or is that love because if we don’t bow down and worship God then we go to hell?

Sounds like arrogance to me but I'm just an earth dweller so what do I know.

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