Are You My Mummy?

Are You My Mummy?

My Mom!

I have a wonderful mom. She's always been there for me (I’m a momma’s boy). She makes me food, gives me thoughtful gifts, has a beautiful smile, and gives wonderful hugs.— She gives A LOT! She has taught me many things and spent many late nights with sick children.

She helps everyone. She’s a Rev. and a Chaplin and she's always learning more about how God can use her to help more people. She has always been like that but just recently she has really been able to step into it in her life. Everyone that knows my mom loves her dearly. People who don't like women in ministry even give exception for her. If you talk to her even for a little while, you’ll know where her heart is and if you have a problem with it then you probably have a problem since it is so caring, loving, and genuine. If you have a mother even close to her I would consider you blessed because I count myself SUPER blessed to have her.

I love you Kaye Kready and thank you so much.

Otha Mothas

In addition to my mom I have had other mother’s in my life and I would like to thank them for being there for me during those periods of my life. I am not going to be too specific, but I have had moms at church and moms away from home. I have found that moms often “adopt” people they meet and make sure to keep a special eye out for them. I think it says a lot about the women and a lot about the person they “adopt.” 

I Will Never Know

I will never know how hard it is to be a mum- but I know that it is extremely harder than I could ever imagine and that's just giving birth. The actual act of mothering (which is not contingent on having given birth) has a lot of weight to it. This human will be forever impacted by your nurturing (yes there is nature, but most reasonable people say that there is some indeterminate mix between the two) and that is no small task. Thank you to all the women in my life, life is not the same without you.

For The hurting.

This day like many other special days can be hard for mothers who have lost children and people who have lost their mothers, I have not forgotten about you. No one can ever replace your loss, but Jesus does care about your hurt and He wants to help you with it. Thank you for continuing on. I would encourage you to attend a local grief share class. Time does not heal all wounds.

For The Fathers

Some fathers can act in the role of the mother, so we cannot forget them, but not all fathers do. Fathers often hold a special but different role in the life of their child. Stay turned for a fathers day post. :)

Thank you all Mothers and Fathers for all you do. <3

Happy Mother's Day

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