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Dear Mama, I'm 32 Now.

It is the 32nd anniversary of your decision to let me live. I know this was not the most popular choice at the time. On sheer statistics alone, I shouldn't be able to write these words or any of the other hundreds of thousands of words I've written over this lifetime. But here I am. Today I turn 32.

Who’s your daddy?

Fathers get a bad rap and when they show up to church on Father’s day they get reprimanded for any shortcomings they might have. It becomes pick on fathers day rather than honoring them; this is a day to remember all the good things they do not to put them under the microscope.

Are You My Mummy?

I will never know how hard it is to be a mum, but I know that it is extremely harder than I could ever imagine and that's just giving birth. The actual act of mothering has a lot of weight to it. This human will be forever impacted by your nurturing and that is no small task.

Reality in a Child's Eyes

If you have a child or have ever watched a child you know that they need a lot of help doing even simple tasks that older people take for granted. They over estimate their abilities, not for their lack of trying, but often need further physical or mental development.

Why You Don't Pray For Your Kids

Is there someone you can ask that question to? "Can you teach me to pray?" I hope so. I pray so. And I pray that you will have the courage to go and ask them to mentor you, to coach you. And I hope that you learn not only how to pray but how important it is that you pray.