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Take Time To Lament

No one likes to dwell on their failures or mistakes. It hurts. In fact, many times we rush though the lamenting process, desiring to feel better as soon as possible. But lamenting is important, it is a vital first step in the process of learning from and changing our behavior. This is a process of lamenting, repenting, and cementing. 

How to Describe the Love of Money

Many people can quote the maxim on the love of money and how it can lead to all types of immorality and vileness. And while it is oft quoted, it is oft misunderstood. I misunderstand it, too. I get the underlying premise - pursuing riches leads to a sin-filled life. But I am far away from a full understanding.

Is the Holy Spirit even a Who?

Many trinitarians have a lacking understanding of the Holy Spirit, making Him less than a person, which compromises their theology of the trinity. I think that a lack of teaching on the Holy Spirit has left people lacking in their understanding of who He is, to the point that He is no longer a who.

Was Jesus Who He Said He Was?

A large part of the Christian faith is that Jesus was and is in fact God. Some groups want to say that Jesus was a really good person, a great teacher, and maybe a prophet. You might be thinking, “what’s it matter if He wasn't God He still did great things, believing that is what matters right?” No.

To Die Is Gain

I think about death a lot. I believe that I have struggled with depression for over 10 years and there have been plenty of times where I thought it would just be better for be to be dead. to be honest, I often want to just give up. I often do not want to be alive anymore.

Death After Life

What happens when you die? Is there such a thing as the afterlife? These are questions we have probably asked before or at the very least heard someone else ask. But I don't want to talk about life after death, I want to try to answer a question that Christians sometimes ignore: Is there death after life?