Christ Is Not Enough

Christ Is Not Enough

This week Josh and I got kind of carried away with a topic that wasn't really the topic for this week, but we just rolled with it. Here is the train of thought: Jesus isn’t enough for people and we place ourselves at odds with the entertainment machine.

Christians want to say that Jesus is not enough for people who go on vacation and are gone on Sunday, but the problem with this mentality is that we make assumptions about people based on things we can see verses what we cannot.

What we can see:

  • Someone takes a vacation and “skips church.”
  • Takes their child to soccer practice instead of Wednesday groups.
  • Playing Pokemon Go instead of going door to door to ask if people want to talk about the Lord Jesus Christ.

What we cannot see:

  • If someone visits a church near their vacation spot or spent time with their family honoring God.
  • If someone talks to the other parents at soccer practice about their faith.
  • If Pokemon Go gives people the opportunity to build relationships that they would not have been able to within the four walls of a church.

When other things are more important to us.

I cannot say for sure if those things are more important than Jesus to someone. Sometimes it will be my place to question a friend about their priorities, but at the same time, I must open myself up to the same accountability. You know what I can say for sure are things that prove that Jesus is not enough for us? Sin and disobedience. I feel as though I can adequately argue in favor for what we can see or for what we cannot see. This says to me is that for Christ to be enough for me, I must know what He is saying to me.

Every time I turn to something that is not Jesus, every time I do something I know I shouldn’t, and every time I put myself first, I am saying that Jesus is not enough for me.

Jesus IS MORE than enough

The problem is that we choose for Jesus not to be enough, but nothing is ever enough. No one ever says that they have enough material items or money. Humans historically have hunted things to extinction or chopped down all the trees all because we can never have enough. In the same way “just” having Jesus is not enough. I find it both humorous and sad that I know Jesus created and sustains everything yet I keep after more of the creation rather than going to the source. We as humans look to the tree and say that God is not enough when He offers us every good and perfect gift. I believe whatever Jesus offers is more than enough. Our yearning for more seemingly is based out of pride and greed. Pride that we know better than God and greed in that we want more than we are given.

About the Author | Sean Kready
An imperfect Christian, who sins on the daily, but tries to share his journey so that we all might know God better.

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