Haught Or Not

Haught Or Not


Arrogance can sneak up on you. You may think of yourself as a humble person, or maybe even just average, with nothing to brag about; but being boastful or proud is not the only way to exhibit arrogance. You may be viewing a situation through haughty eyes and not even realize it until it's too late.

I Could Never

Have you ever heard a story so outrageous that it leaves you thinking to yourself, or maybe even saying out loud, "I can't believe that, I could never do anything like that"? I know I have, on many occasions. I've said it regarding small things like wearing an inappropriate outfit to a special event or answering a beauty pagent question in a foolish way

I've also said it about more important things like parenting and marriage. I heard a heartbreaking story and before I could blink made a judgement, quickly stating "How could anyone do something like that? I would never do that!" And then I forgot about it. 

Haughty Eyes Are Nearsighted

It is easy to pass judgement on someone else when you're only looking at what is right in front of you. It's even easier to say you are incapable of doing such a thing. It makes you feel better about the situation, makes you feel proud that you haven't made such a foolish decision, maybe even makes you forget about the foolish things you've done in your past.  

I passed judgement against someone else and then forgot about my promise that I would never do anything like that. Time passed and months later I found myself in a similar position. My haughty eyes were too blind to see I was doing the very thing I said I would never do. I didn't learn from someone else's example because I thought I was better than them.

The Red Carpet

If you've ever watched an awards show or read about it the next day, you've probably seen the commentators play "hot or not" on the red carpet. Like the name implies, it's a game where they judge who looked "hot" and who didn't. I'd like to challenge you to a game as you walk through life — or, if you prefer, down the red carpet. Play "haught or not" with the things you say. Examine your heart and make sure you're not seeing the world through haughty eyes. 

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