How do you make 10,000 meals in 2 hours?

How do you make 10,000 meals in 2 hours?

On Sunday, February 26th, the EC crew had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer alongside members of our community at a Generosity Feeds event.

Who is Generosity Feeds?

Generosity Feeds is "working to feed hungry children in every county across America so all children have the opportunity to thrive. Our experienced team works with you to mobilize people in your school, business, church, or club to package 10,000 or more meals in just a couple hours. All the meals stay local to feed children who struggle with hunger."

Did you really pack 10,000 meals?

Yes, we did! They have a phenomenal system that allows small groups of people to form an assembly line of sorts to measure, pack, and seal 10,000 or more dry meals that can easily be prepared at home. We packed a meal including rice, beans, vegetables, and seasoning that would only require boiling water to cook. Our event actually packaged 10,200 meals and all in less than 2 hours!

Feed The Hungry

This event focused on feeding the hungry kids in our community. On average, 1 in 5 children struggles with hunger and wonders where they will get their next meal from. These meals are placed discretely into children's backpacks as they leave school.

Hunger is a real problem in our country. Children and adults like go hungry every day. And I am not just referring to a hunger for food; there are people in your community right now who are hungry for company, compassion, and maybe even Jesus.

Jesus says twice in chapter 21 of John to "Feed my lambs/sheep". I don't think He is referring to physical hunger alone. We are called to feed others, so that is what I am challenging you to do this week. It doesn't have to be seeking out an organization like Generosity Feeds to pack meals, it could be making a single meal for you neighbor. Or maybe you can go and sit with the elderly man down the street who doesn't have anyone to talk to. Or maybe visit with someone in the hospital and pray with them.

Do you already volunteer in your community? If so, please leave a comment below and share with us!

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