Identity Crisis: How God and I Claim Our Identities

Identity Crisis: How God and I Claim Our Identities

How God Identifies Himself

Identity Crisis Bar code - Who am I supposed to be?

Identity is a hard thing to nail down. We talked about identity in things we do and in who we know or are associated with. Not to mention the things we have done or have been done to us.

I find it interesting that God chose to identify Himself to the Jews as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (a drunk, a fool, and a liar) because He binds the stories of those three to who He was and is. Now people claim to be Christians and for better or for worse we see God being the God of those people, too. He allows His name to be tarnished or shinned by people that supposedly know Him all so that we have a chance to know Him and to mess up while we do know Him.

On Shifting Sands or Solid Rock?

Life is so shallow when we are defined by shifting sands. In one moment everything that we defined ourselves by can be gone leaving only us to pick up the pieces and figure out who we are despite the losses- who were we always? The one thing that does not change is the existence of God. When we know the unchanging God, we can be associated with and have our identity in God who never fails. This is the solid rock we can base our identity on. 

This is an identity that I strive to know and have everyday. I have seen first hand how identity in other things, even myself, is like holding water in my hands; any little shake or disruption makes the water leak or spill out. The hollowness that comes from needing an identity and having it stripped from you is unbearable. There is a reason that solid chocolate is better than hollow chocolate bunnies.

About the Author | Sean Kready
A pastor wannabe who is searching the plan God has for him, hoping to know God better with others along the way.

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