I'm Scared to Be Uncool

I'm Scared to Be Uncool

I need to tell you a story but

There is a story I want to tell you. There is a God who loves you and a Redeemer who has died for you. All you have to do is repent and follow along. 

But I warn you, that following is the hardest thing you have to do. You have to lift a knife to the things you love most. Your identity will be challenged and you will most definitely feel uncomfortable. 

The journey is marked with ridicule and loss. You will have scars. You will experience pain and hardship. You will not regret it if you just see it through.


But this story is hard for me to tell. You see, I love the idea of being cool and trendy. More than most, I desire to fit in and I ache to be loved by everyone. 

My story isn’t very popular. Many people don’t want to hear my story.  I don't want to be called a loser...

The new version of the story

There seems to be a new version of my story going around. But its been softened and bastardized. Its been changed to be all about you and nothing about God. It centers on feelings and experience and ignores truth and absolutes. 

The new story tells you to live your best life right now and that with Jesus you will always have a smile on your face. The new story talks about all the money you’ll get if you just have faith. The new story is all heaven all the time. 

The new story is so cool.

But the new story is a lie. 

You know how I know? Because Jesus’ own story was nothing like this new story. He was homeless, and poor, and put to death. 

He wept.  He got angry.  He suffered

But it didn’t matter. He knew at the end that how He lived would bring many people close to God. The end game was worth the humiliation of hanging naked on a cross. 

Jesus wasn’t cool. 

Thats the story that I have to tell you, but I’m too scared to be uncool. 

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