Insecurity Is Arrogance

Insecurity Is Arrogance

Humility is in short supply these days. We have quickly become obsessed with ranking life. Listicles promise to reveal the best donuts, singer-songwriters, and comedians of all time. It is important not only to be the best, but to be able to recognize the best.  It is becoming a necessity to build a big enough platform that we get the power to proclaim to the masses what the "best" actually is. We are obsessed with the best and this perhaps is the root of all arrogance. So why are we so insecure?

Insecurity: Something does not add up

While we are constantly obsessed with "the best," many of us quietly struggle with feeling like we are the worst. Perhaps we attempt to co-opt characteristics of "the best" in attempts to conceal our insecurities. Our obsession does not match the reality of our identities. But this certainly does not sound like arrogance. But it is. 

By co-opting the best parts of everybody else we attempt to cobble together a version of ourselves might be well received and accepted by the masses. Photoshopped and Instagrammed pics should be proof enough for my argument. If I can look like a success, people will think I am a success, even though the definition of success is rarely defined by anything more substantial than looking like a success. Just when we obtain a level of "success" the definition quickly changes and our pursuit starts all over again. It should come to no surprise that there is a link between social media usage and increased depression. When reality and perception clash over their differences the cognitive  disconnect rages in the mind and soul. One cause of depression is facing the reality that expectations were not met. When the cobbled image of identity does not meet the reality of person dissonance is the result.

But this doesn't sound like arrogance, does it? It sounds like the opposite of arrogance wrapped in a lack of self-confidence. Arrogance entered the equation when it became a feasibility that we have enough wisdom and insight to make ourselves what we want to be. When we treat ourselves as a witches brew, adding cosmetic enhancements and material possession until discovering the perfect formula, we confess that we feel more capable than a God-creator to make us correctly the first time. We know more about ourselves than the God who created us. 

Don't believe in God? Fine, the statement still holds true. Nature and the equation of  time + chance have made you who you are. Yet, you still try to defy nature and be someone that you were not intended to be. Of course, this all falls apart if you say that nature intended us to be the author of our own identities. But taking this train of thought makes it even more baffling that we still choose to co-opt traits of others when nature intended us to make ourselves what we want to be. It reduces to this, by thinking we are smarter than God or nature we are foolishly arrogant.

Why does God hate arrogance?

Arrogance is a personal lie about ourselves that makes us tell lies to ourselves about others.

God hates arrogance, but why? Is it possible that He loves us so much that he just wants us to be who we were created to be without all the attempts at cobbling together a version of ourselves, that might be liked by people who will never really get to know us? Perhaps God hates arrogance because he sees that lying to ourselves will ultimately lead us to pain and depression.

Perhaps another reason why God hates arrogance is because he is Truth and arrogance is an overestimation of self and underestimation of others. In other words, arrogance is a lie. Arrogance is a personal lie about yourself that makes you tell lies to yourself about others. The lie is that you are more valuable than another human being. That is theologically incorrect. If you are a Christian and think you are better than someone else repent and fix it. If you are not a Christian then you probably don't care if God hates arrogance, but that shouldn't be a license to be a jerk. 

Humility is not weakness. It is accuracy. 

If it is foolish to be arrogant then it is wise to be humble. Humility is not walking around and saying, "I just suck more than everyone else." That is just taking pride in your proficiency at sucking. Humility is living a life that holds an accurate view of self and other. It neither over-estimates or under-values anyone. It is easy to confuse humility with weakness because we have learned to equate arrogance with strength. Since it is a learned reaction it can be unlearned. It needs to be unlearned. 

True confidence stems from humility. Since humility is an accurate view of who you if you walk in humility you can walk truthfully and with the utmost of integrity. Walking in arrogance is deceitful and most often the one who is being deceived is you. We can see through most people's BS, but we somehow convince ourselves that no one can see through our own. How foolish it is to be convinced of such a lie. How tragic is it when the self-constructed castle of our deceit comes crumbling down. 

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