Is Murder Ever Acceptable?

Is Murder Ever Acceptable?

God gave the commandment "You shall not murder" which seems like it should be a black and white rule, right? Why are we able to find so much grey area then? People justify murder for many reasons, a few of which we brought up in #ec1dot25. Here are a few that come to mind, let me know if I'm missing any:

  • Crime of Passion
  • Self Defense
  • War
  • Capital Punishment
  • Suicide
  • Euthanasia
  • Abortion
  • Accidental Death (i.e. DUI)

Some people may disagree with me and say that a few of the items I listed would not be considered murder. Capital Punishment and War are two we discussed in this week's podcast as being used by God himself. God can't contradict His own rules, so these must not be murder then, right? God said that under very specific circumstances and laws, one found in Leviticus 20:10, people should be put to death for their sins. God also commanded the Israelite armies to destroy entire towns (i.e. Joshua 8:1-2).

God's Judgement vs. Our Justification

I believe that God can make judgements to take lives, but I do not believe that we have that right or capability. God judged the guilty and gave the punishment of death. God took out entire nations in war because He judged them to be wicked. While it is often difficult to view our loving God as one who would do such unloving actions, we have to also understand that He is wiser than us and sees the big picture when we do not.

We often justify murder out of our limited knowledge or may even find excuses to make it "acceptable". At the end of the day, we've taken a life. We have ruled that the person's life was no longer worth living or that whatever action they committed was worthy of their life ending. I struggle with all of this because I know that I am not wise enough to make that decision. I wasn't there when the defendant accused of the crime allegedly killed the victim so I cannot say if he or she should be put to death. I'm not privied to conversations held in the Pentagon determining if a building or town is a viable threat and should be taken out. I don't know what was going through the mind of the person who decided to take their own life.

Listen to our discussion on murder and shedding innocent blood:

We have an election this year and I have been asked where I stand on a lot of these. "What do you think about Capital Punishment? Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? Do you believe a Euthanasia law should be passed in your state? What are your thoughts on the War on Terror?" I do not have a politically correct answer to any of these questions. As I said before, I am not wise enough to make that decision.

This topic is one I struggle through and at this point I do not have a straight forward answer. At the end of the day, murder is ending someone's life, even if you judge that life not to be worth living. But do we really have the right to make that judgement call? Maybe I'm not seeing all sides of this, maybe you can help. Leave your thoughts below, join the conversation — even if it is a difficult one — and let's wrestle through this together.

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