Living For Jesus

Living For Jesus

Why Should I Live For Jesus?

The idea of living for Jesus or that "to live is Christ" is lost on me. We discussed what it means to live for Christ but I'm not exactly sure if we ever came up with a definitive answer. A typical answer would to live a good life, like I'm doing, but Sean seems to be against such an answer. I have been using the two interchangeably but why does Philippians 1:21 word it the way it does? Life = Christ? Is it a metaphor implying that a full life is so closely related to Jesus that life literally is him? Perhaps such an answer would be satisfactory for Sean but not for me. It doesn't make sense.

"Living For Jesus" vs "To Live Is Christ"...

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.
— Philippians 1:21 ESV

When I think of living for Jesus I think of doing things to make Jesus happy. It is all on me to make it happen. I have to believe in God, go to church, give the church all my money, help out during all of my spare time, and read the Bible. I have to act like a Christian. As long as I pretend better than everyone else, I am golden. I am living for Jesus without actually believing in him. This is the message of many churches today. Just try to believe in God, just act like you do, just pretend to be a Christian, and you will be one.

To live is Christ should be more about what Jesus is like in the Bible than merely doing just the stuff the Bible says to do. It is the struggle behind changing behavior or the reason for the behavior. Perhaps my problem with most Christians stems from their inability to change their actions all while saying they have, minimizing the actions they don't want to change, and making other people's actions worse than they really are. This is not living as if to live is Christ. To live is Christ means to let go of all the control you have over your life and let Jesus be the controller of life.

Why Would I Want To Die?

I have no reason to want to die. My life is great: I go to college, I have a job, and I spend time with people I like. I'm pretty content with the way things are going. I understand that Paul got hurt and stuff so no wonder he wanted to die and be with Jesus, but I have no reason to. Sean shouldn't want to die for that matter either, but according to his blog he does. I've always wondered why everyone that gets saved doesn't just instantly die and go to heaven because what's the point of staying on earth when you can just go to heaven and live happily ever after with Jesus?

Just kidding. I know why people don't die instantly. They don't die because they have a job to do here on earth. But you know what? They aren't doing their job. Christians aren't being like Jesus. They aren't dying daily. Life ≠ Christ. Instead, Christians are whiney babies complaining about everything that "offends" them or protesting everything they disagree with because they think it's their way or the highway (to hell). Pastors can be partly to blame, because they aren't teaching their congregations the truth. They aren't properly preparing people to live as Christ.

I don't want to be a whiney Christian, in fact I don't want to be a Christian at all. 

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An unbeliever exploring faith and doubt with friends.

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An imperfect Christian, who sins on the daily, but tries to share his journey so that we all might know God better.
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