Nacho Momma's Religion

Nacho Momma's Religion

This isn’t your grandpappy’s religion. This ain't even yo momma’s religion. This is your own belief. Like you actually believe it once you start thinking about it.

This isn’t a post about me telling you to accept Jesus “into your heart” and as your Lord and Savior (you should), but it is a post about me telling you how it is important to explore what you truly believe. It seems that I have been on a belief kick lately (Active faith vs passive faith and #ec1dot05); I think this is the case because I see that people sometimes attack the person’s choice rather than the belief itself. Questioning what a person truly believes since they never really had a choice. I just want to say that this really is not fair since we all have been “brainwashed” by something, just because someone thinks mine is a fairy-tale and theirs is fact does not change the “fact” that we have both been indoctrinated since birth. I do want to concede that there is a grain of truth in this argument:

We must have a moment of faith crisis where our belief becomes our own.

As we discussed in #ec1dot07, the mother of John and James took things into her own hands when she asked Jesus to allow her sons to sit at his right and left. They buy into what their mom asks but none of them knew what was really being asked. I am sure they knew as soon as Jesus was crucified. They had the literal embodiment of what they had asked for: the two criminals at the right and left of Jesus. If that was not a faith crisis, then I don’t know what is.

I remember that I was going through many things at one point while I was away at University and I asked people many of the hard questions that no one has answers to. For me it ended up not being about the answers but about questioning. I can’t say what it will be for you, but you need the moment or moments. I don’t think that it can be forced or faked but when it happens we must go through it.

I think these moments are the moments where many people loose their faith because they realize that it was never theirs.

They were saying that they could take the cup that their mother, father, grandparent, or teacher volunteered them for but soon realized they never knew what it truly meant. They didn’t want to be crucified with Jesus so they walk away. I don’t fault them for this. It is more important to be genuine about what we believe than it is to pretend that we believe something that we don’t, regardless of what that belief is.

In regards to the Christian faith: A life of death with Jesus is not something that we should want to fake. 

If we don’t know what our beliefs ask of us and then we finally realize what it demands as an extension of having the belief, but we don’t agree, what use is having the belief? I know I run the risk of aiding someone in leaving Jesus, but as we discussed in #ec1dot05, doubt is not the enemy, its just what we do with it. Belief is hard and risky, and it must be able to survive in the hardest times. It must be able to bounce back after being at the brink of destruction.

Only at the end of belief can it come back in its fullest capacity.

Once it comes back it is truly ours. We know that we believe it, not because someone told us to, but because it was all but snuffed out yet it found a place in us to continue to burn.

It is ours.

I hope that Empty Church is able to aid in the pursuit of true belief as this group of friends endeavors to discuss where each of us is at with faith. 

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A pastor wannabe who is searching the plan God has for him, hoping to know God better with others along the way.

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