Question the Bible and Question Everything Else, too.

Question the Bible and Question Everything Else, too.

I got part way through writing this blog when I headed in a direction that seemed familiar, a quick search of our website brought up "Questioning the Unquestionable" blog that I wrote way back at ec1dot05. I see the blog I am currently writing to be a continuation of that train of thought. This is questioning part 2.

I really wanted to write a blog on the Bible (and who know what this blog will turn into once I start writing) but I don't feel like I have anything new to say. We can talk about how the Bible is accurate, reliable, and trust worthy but that doesn't make anyone trust it.

The fact is if you decide that it is not trust worthy or reliable, then please make other judgements about things you take for granted. This philosophical mind of mine makes me want to question everything and yet I still believe the Bible, but people that I know don't question anything seem to question the Bible. Why is that? I mean, I see why the Bible not being real is a easier life to live in. I don't live a life that is consistent with a biblical worldview and that causes inner conflict.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.
— Albert Camus

I get into these modes where I just want to question and not believe in anything. It’s so hard to accomplish anything when I’m like that. I just want to lay in bed and do nothing. Call it depression brought on by the weight of the absurdity of life. Why should I live if everything is a lie? Why should I live with no assurance that the world that my senses perceive is real? But one must go on living. My faith anchors me to that fact that even if this reality is not real, God shines light to the darkness, leading us to back to reality.

I suppose that this is why I have such a hard time when people seem to only question the Bible and nothing else. Why not? Why don't you question the things you can’t see when you question God on that basis? If we can believe that the Big Bang happened, something no one ever saw, we can believe that the Bible correct and that the active creator God is real. Seeing is believing… Until it’s not. “Well with the help of…” if you can’t see something with the naked eye how can you trust the object aiding you? Is the Bible not the telescope allowing us to ‘see’ God? We cite the fossil record that we’ve never seen and trust that the half life of a radioactive isotope is real, but the book with countless manuscripts and fragments dating as far back at 650 B.C. for the Hebrew Bible and 325 A.D. for the whole Christian Bible can’t be trusted. Notice I'm not saying that we should disregard all of science and only believe what is found within the Bible, I think that's silly, but I also think its silly to only question certain things. I grew up watching the Magic School Bus, Bill Nye, and the Discovery channel, all while believing in God and believing the Bible. I was always imagining how everything fit together. It was only when I was older that I realized that people did not think that science and faith could mix, which I think is a mistake.

Human intellect and reason have become the highest standards of truth, when it suites us. Unfortunately, often all it takes to make someone accept something as fact is to slap “science says” on it. The only way I can think of to get people to question this is if I were to say “science says that the Bible is true.” Since the word “Bible” instantly draws a connection to religion what I said would be questioned. If I was a pop scientist and I said that dog farts from theuniverse before ours made up 75% of the elements that formed the big bang, people would eat it up.

Look, I don't care if you question the Bible, just actually do some footwork and research it before you make a decision. I issue the same challenge to Christians who won’t hear out science at all. But both of you have to give it a fair chance. Don’t find one source on the internet that proves your point. Go out of your away to challenge yourself and your beliefs. If you can’t do that do you really believe anyway?

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