Relax, it's just the election

Relax, it's just the election

I was telling Kristal the other day that I don't believe that there is a candidate that will “fix the world” or America or save Christians from the “evil left.” It's just not going to happen. There might be a candidate that does more things that people in certain political parties do or do not like, but I’ve grown past the mentality that a certain person is the end of the world.

We have been lead to believe that our past presidents have mostly been pristine but history shows that they have all been human. Today, we make our candidates out to be evil incarnate and that is just not true.

I think that all of the candidates have pros and cons. Depending on what you think is important will determine how long each of those lists are. When we see them was evil and categorize their pros and cons, it pits us against one another, because now the cons we put the most emphasis on also become evil and the people who put the emphasis on something else condone that evil. This is happening all while the other person is thinking the same thing. So we have two people thinking the other person condones evil. Look, I don't condone the “evil” things that anyone does. If we are honest, the con list is very long for all of them, but I cannot tell you how to weight what we know about the candidates. I’m sure you already rate the offenses through your personal lens. I don't condone what one does, just because it doesn't disqualify them from running. If that were the case, no one can run from office. Let’s compare people with Jesus and then decide who is disqualified.


Right, because there goes everyone.


For the first time ever, I am not worried about who will become president. I’m not afraid of the big bad left or the nut job right. Life will go on. Our lives may change, but the earth will keep spinning and God will still be God.

I have similar sentiments from some people, but some of them seem to say these things seemingly after they have “lost” (especially if they endorsed a candidate and had to take it back) since the other candidate looks like they are going to win. I really don't have a candidate. I have moved farther and farther away from any political party. My faith is no longer entangled in the political system.

During the brief moments that my faith is strong, God is on the throne and the political systems of this world pose no threat to His rule and reign.

I could write a blog about how we need to put God back on His throne, but He never left. We’ve worshiped people and things as if they are on His throne yet He continues to hold everything together. Amazingly God doesn't make everything go *poof* when we don't see Him on His throne. That’s grace! God allows His tainted creation to continue on and does not make it disappear.

I’m still going to vote, unless God tells me otherwise (or I forget ;p) but I know that where ever things go, God is still on His throne.

So relax! It’s just the election. God created everything. I think He can handle it.

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