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God's ToS - As Seen On Sunday

You might be familiar with being blessed when you go in and when you go out. You might have heard that your enemies will flee seven ways as a motivational speech. but have you heard what comes before and after these blessings? I doubt it. Those who promise blessings from God leave out a big part of this “if” “then” statement. 

As Seen On Sunday: Don't get a paper cut from your Bible

Today we end the bones of our belief series where most people start: the Bible.

And I didn't know where to start. We preach every week from the Bible as the basis of our faith. We believe that since the Bible claims that it is from God that it has authority. It’s a circular argument: the Bible is true because God says that it’s true within the Bible. The Bible is authoritative because it claims to be from God. I have faith that this is true and it doesn't hurt that the Bible has a pretty good track record in its translation and historically.