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As Seen on Sunday: I AM. But Am I Enough?

Once the question dawns on you - and your inability to adequately answer the question - our immediate response to try to find a suitable answer. 

And just how do we find answers today? We go to Google, of course!

So when I was posed with the question, “Is Jesus Enough?” I did what everyone with a smartphone does - I went to Google and I discovered some very interesting answers.

Was Jesus Who He Said He Was?

A large part of the Christian faith is that Jesus was and is in fact God. Some groups want to say that Jesus was a really good person, a great teacher, and maybe a prophet. You might be thinking, “what’s it matter if He wasn't God He still did great things, believing that is what matters right?” No.

When Your Friends Let You Down

Our friends, who are supposed to know us best, who are supposed to know the things that hurt us most, still find ways to let us down and hurt us. Sometimes it is our fault. We may never take the blame for not better communicating our emotional needs, but even when it is out fault it's still our friend's fault because, well, they should know better! They are my friends after all!

The Rebellious Christian: Dealing With a Government You Don't Agree With

A servant is one who, either by force or by choice, stands in a constant submissive state to an authoritative power. A rebel is one who fights the power of the oppressive overlord in an attempt to either be free from restraint or to set up his own establishment of rule and reign. In the modern context these two words are diametrically opposed. They are separated in our thinking as much as any two words can be. Yet, the Christian lives centrally in the tension of being a submissive rebel. It is simply what it means to be a Christian. 

"How Can God...?"

“How can God…?” that is the phrase that starts out many problems people have with God’s personality traits. This thought process usually ends with allowing something to happen (inaction) or something they tie directly to God (action) and often is based on what they think they would do if they were God (hint: you aren’t).

The Blood of The Innocent

In many religions blood has a special significance and Christianity is no different. We find in the Bible that God tells the Israelites to abstain from meat with the blood still in it and blood is also vital to the sacrificial system. With this in mind it is interesting that the author of Proverbs chooses to describe the murder of an innocent person in these terms (no matter how poetic is it).

The 21st Century Jesus - Really?

I think I can safely conclude this is the predominant image of Jesus for the 21st Century: He is a little silly and vaguely surreal. He approves everything you want him to. Most importantly, he’s pointing at you, thus fulfilling the desires of the multitudes to be singled-out by a celebrity.