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Reality in a Child's Eyes

If you have a child or have ever watched a child you know that they need a lot of help doing even simple tasks that older people take for granted. They over estimate their abilities, not for their lack of trying, but often need further physical or mental development.

Haught Or Not

Arrogance can sneak up on you. You may think of yourself as a humble person, or maybe even just average, with nothing to brag about; but being boastful or proud is not the only way to exhibit arrogance. You may be viewing a situation through haughty eyes and not even realize it until it's too late.

Insecurity Is Arrogance

While we are constantly obsessed with "the best," many of us quietly struggle with feeling like we are the worst. Perhaps we attempt to co-opt characteristics of "the best" in attempts to conceal the insecurities we have. Our obsession does not match the reality of our identities. But this certainly does not sound like arrogance. But it is.