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Opt in

Opting in is saying yes and folowing through on the committment to follow Jesus. 

There is a misconception in Christianity that you once you start following Jesus that there is little action involved. But there is a process and you will need to opt in. 

As Seen on Sunday: Rebellious Women in Powerful Places

Rebellious women in powerful roles play a big part in the book of Esther. One is celebrated more than the other (hint: it is the one whom the book is named after), but both are a catalyst for change. But all rebellion is not revolutionary. Sometimes it just reveals the ugly truth about who we are. Other times it brings about a change that will literally save lives. The story of Vashti and Esther provides fertile ground for a conversation about rebellious women in powerful places. 

Where are all the Happy Christians?

Happiness, in a religious context, can get pretty tricky to try to explain. I know plenty of Christians who attend a church service, partake in a redeemed rock concert, get pumped up by a motivational speaker, and then ride the adrenaline wave to their Sunday afternoon nap. That may count as a euphoric high, but it falls greatly short of the happiness described by the Psalmist when he says that the Lord has anointed lovers of righteousness with the oil of gladness. Gladness is not a worship-high. It is a state of being. 

The Talk Faith Recap - May 27, 2016

The Talk Faith recap gathers the week's best from the Empty Church crew and gives you the resources to talk about your faith with your friends and family. If you missed anything  or are looking for a great link to send to a friend to introduce them to Empty Church this is the one you want to send!