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The Human Condition is re-Bellion

If you have listened to the podcast or if you saw the name, you might be wondering “Who is Jon Bellion and why is this podcast NOT featuring him?” First, Jon is an artist that I extremely enjoy. Every part of his craft works together to an amazing end result. Secondly, since we are talking about humanity this week Josh appropriately took this chance to poke a little fun at me by naming the podcast the way he did, but unfortunately for me Jon is not being interviewed :(

Holy Spirit: Fact or Fiction

Of all the things we have discussed so far in our podcasts, the Holy Spirit is probably the most confusing and misunderstood for me. There isn’t a single article that I’ve read or conversation about the Spirit that makes it any less perplexing. Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do? Why does God use the Holy Spirit as a means of getting things done?

Is the Holy Spirit even a Who?

Many trinitarians have a lacking understanding of the Holy Spirit, making Him less than a person, which compromises their theology of the trinity. I think that a lack of teaching on the Holy Spirit has left people lacking in their understanding of who He is, to the point that He is no longer a who.

Was Jesus Who He Said He Was?

A large part of the Christian faith is that Jesus was and is in fact God. Some groups want to say that Jesus was a really good person, a great teacher, and maybe a prophet. You might be thinking, “what’s it matter if He wasn't God He still did great things, believing that is what matters right?” No.

Jesus Is Not Enough for Me…Yet

This week I am at a total loss as to what to talk about for my blog seeing as how Josh and Sean went off on a tangent and I simply offered a chuckle here and there in the podcast as I so often do. I’ve literally waited until the last minute to write my blog because I have wracked my brain for the last week as to what to write about and nothing has come to mind. Honestly, I’m tired of writing about God and Jesus and stuff I don’t believe in. It’s exhausting. I go to church and I have been churched so I know things to write about for our weekly topics but it’s not what I’m interested in and it’s a challenge every week to write about a subject that I know little about.

Christ Is Not Enough

Christians want to say that Jesus is not enough for people who go on vacation and are gone on Sunday, but the problem with this mentality is that we make assumptions about people based on things we can see verses what we cannot.

As Seen on Sunday: The Bones of Our Belief - God Creates and Sustains

It can be very easy to just say, “God created everything.” Sometimes the deepest truths, when reduced to a pithy maxim, lose their significance in our lives. 

Do we as Christians take this truth  for granted? Probably. 

Do the non-religious passively roll their eyes and dismiss it without giving it an honest look? Probably. 

We as people can also trip up over the concept of God.

  • If he exists, how does he exist?
  • What does he do?
  • What does it matter?

We want to address two foundational principles wrapped in one succinct sentence:

There is One God who created and sustains everything.