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As Seen On Sunday: 5 Questions from Egypt

The Israelites of the Bible and even the Jews of today could be regarded as the ultimate immigrants. Abraham left his own people on a journey that would lead to the establishment of the nation of Israel. They immigrated to Egypt under Joseph where they multiplied until they were a liability. Then they set out in the Exodus on their journey to the ‘promised land’ under Moses and then Joshua. Then they have been taken into captivity or occupied countless times. This includes the horrific Holocaust. But just as God promised, He has never allowed them to be completely destroyed or wiped out. 

A City that is Not Our Own

God's people have always been on the move. Ever since the first foot stepped out of the boundaries of Eden, God's people have always been on their way to somewhere. Stopping just short of being nomads, the story of Israel is a woven tapestry of geographic locations. Whether by choice or by force - when they were taken captive - Israel's "home" often changed. The writer of Hebrews picks up on this theme of temporary dwelling and applies to all of God's people - both converted Jew and Gentile and says we have no lasting city. This is a message that gets lost on American Christians.

'Merica is not the New Jerusalem

I’m a “white” male who lives in the United States of America AKA European-American [the later is what I identify as]. I don't know where I come from. We have a few hodgepodge of origins within Eurasia, which means that I am a mutt. With this in mind, here are some thoughts I have about immigration, culture, and racism.