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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

As we discussed on this week's episode, the government has put several great programs in place over the years. Programs that support parents and caregivers, those with disabilities, our veterans, and many others. These programs have helped many people over the years. But who funds these programs and what can we do when there is not enough to go around?

Help Who You Can; Help More Than You Can

Who do we help? Do we help everyone who expresses the need for help? What about those who need help but don't ask for it? What about people who don't need help and ask for it?

There seems to be a prevailing thought that we should help less people because there are a percentage that are “gaming” the system meant to help those in need. Of course no one will ever say that we should stop helping people all together, just make it so less people are able to get through in order to receive help.

How to Describe the Love of Money

Many people can quote the maxim on the love of money and how it can lead to all types of immorality and vileness. And while it is oft quoted, it is oft misunderstood. I misunderstand it, too. I get the underlying premise - pursuing riches leads to a sin-filled life. But I am far away from a full understanding.