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Adopted into Suffering - As Seen On Sunday

Paul says we are co-heirs with Christ. This means we will receive the same inheritance as Jesus. This is both the spiritual blessings that believers receive on earth as well as being reunited with God in the kingdom of heaven. But it's not only the #blessings aspects of the inheritance that we are "entitled" to. It also says "provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him."

God's ToS - As Seen On Sunday

You might be familiar with being blessed when you go in and when you go out. You might have heard that your enemies will flee seven ways as a motivational speech. but have you heard what comes before and after these blessings? I doubt it. Those who promise blessings from God leave out a big part of this “if” “then” statement. 

Hope For Action - As Seen On Sunday

There wouldn't be a reason to ask God if there wasn’t hope. Lamentations established that God is faithful, but faithfulness goes both ways where God will do what he says, regardless if it’s the thing we like. So there is hope that God, in His faithfulness, will, in fact, restore them along with His promise.

What is Lent?

With the beginning of lent upon us, I thought I would discuss what I know about lent. Working at a seafood restaurant, lent is a busy time of year for us because we get all those catholics that can’t eat meat on Fridays so they go out to dinner to eat some sort of fish or seafood. It puts more money in my pocket and decreases meat consumption for a day. But what exactly is lent?

Why me? Why this Church?

In my darkest moments, I can think of every reason why I don't belong. Josh is brilliant in pretty much every way. He is so knowledgeable. He knows how to “be a pastor.” Sarah is so talented with web design and music. Kristal is very interested in the sciences and asks the hard questions. Then there’s me…

Take Time To Lament

No one likes to dwell on their failures or mistakes. It hurts. In fact, many times we rush though the lamenting process, desiring to feel better as soon as possible. But lamenting is important, it is a vital first step in the process of learning from and changing our behavior. This is a process of lamenting, repenting, and cementing. 

Disappointment With God

If you have been a Christian for any substantial length of time you will have experienced disappointment with God. Your expectations were met with silence and your needs loom ever larger until you are sure they will topple you over and bring your destruction. Yet, the God who is there doesn't seem to be there. The benevolent Father appears greedy and withdrawn. This is not what you heard from your Pastor. The promise has been broken.  What is going on?