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Wolves: A Dim View Of People

We should always think the best of people. I agree with that. If we don't give people the chance to surprise us, the chance to change their spots, the chance to get help, then we doom people to be stuck in a box of expectations that never get delivered.

But why don't people surprise us when we give them that chance?

Two Faced Troublemakers

During our empty conversation this week I believe I was the only one to admit, at least verbally, that stirring up trouble (gossip, drama, etc) is fun. Now I’m not saying that I do this on a daily basis but, honestly, who hasn’t caused trouble at least once in their life?

What Happens When Your Decisions Are Bigger Than Your God?

People have been trying to make decisions as long as we have been around. Should I eat these berries that I have never seen before? Who would ever decide to grind up coffee beans and make a bitter drink out of it (the myth is that a shepherd saw goats getting hopped up after eating the beans)? Should we go to war with another group of people? Should I go to college? Should I take that job?

The Blood of The Innocent

In many religions blood has a special significance and Christianity is no different. We find in the Bible that God tells the Israelites to abstain from meat with the blood still in it and blood is also vital to the sacrificial system. With this in mind it is interesting that the author of Proverbs chooses to describe the murder of an innocent person in these terms (no matter how poetic is it).

Is Murder Ever Acceptable?

God gave the commandment "You shall not murder" which seems like it should be a black and white rule, right? Why are we able to find so much grey area then? People justify murder for many reasons, a few of which we brought up in #ec1dot25. Here are a few that come to mind, let me know if I'm missing any: Crime of Passion, Self Defense, War, Capital Punishment, etc.

An Open Letter of the Biggest Lie Sean Tells Himself.

Don't forget that you are worthless. No one really wants you in their life except if they can use you for something. You are just meant to be used your whole life until you die. Which people only hope you don't die if they stand to get something from you, once that is over they could care less...

The Biggest Lie

If you have been reading my blogs, you’ll know that I am a very independent person. This week on our podcast we discussed the biggest lies we tell ourselves. I told the group that the biggest lie I tell myself is that I don’t need anyone else.

An Arrogant God: A Nonbeliever’s Perspective

It makes sense to me that a God would want to use their power and abilities to do whatever they wanted, create whatever they wanted, etc. So I get why God would create the universe with beautiful creatures and scenery, starry nights and blue skies sprinkled with fluffy clouds. What I don’t get is why God included humans as part of his creation.

Haught Or Not

Arrogance can sneak up on you. You may think of yourself as a humble person, or maybe even just average, with nothing to brag about; but being boastful or proud is not the only way to exhibit arrogance. You may be viewing a situation through haughty eyes and not even realize it until it's too late.

Insecurity Is Arrogance

While we are constantly obsessed with "the best," many of us quietly struggle with feeling like we are the worst. Perhaps we attempt to co-opt characteristics of "the best" in attempts to conceal the insecurities we have. Our obsession does not match the reality of our identities. But this certainly does not sound like arrogance. But it is.