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As Seen on Sunday: Should we have friends?

There is a cliche that Christians often say “we are better together” usually in the same breath as potluck. Here at Empty Church we always put an emphasis on faith conversations made possible through building relationships.

The problem started when all I could think of was Biblical examples of God’s relationship with humanity. The Old Testament is very focused on God’s relationship with Israel and the New Testament with everyone else. I even thought of that cliche verse “there is one who sticks closer than a brother.

When Your Friends Let You Down

Our friends, who are supposed to know us best, who are supposed to know the things that hurt us most, still find ways to let us down and hurt us. Sometimes it is our fault. We may never take the blame for not better communicating our emotional needs, but even when it is out fault it's still our friend's fault because, well, they should know better! They are my friends after all!

SWOT Analysis - Hanging Out

People forget to make a solid plan when it comes to adding a new discipline to their lifestyle. They have identified a need (lose weight, talk with their friends about Jesus, find a new church, etc.) and an action that address that need (diet, rehearse a prepared speech) but these are short term reminders at best.