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A Letter to the Church from an Introvert

I love carving out quiet time for reading, writing, thinking, and mediating. I often find it laborious to have to “shake my neighbors hand” in a crowded room. Not that I don’t like people and not because I don’t see the value, but because I am already tiring by all the stimuli that has been happening since I arrived on campus.

God's Presence in Nature?

After years of being asked about my radiant glow and happiness I am thrilled to share my secret with you.

It’s called nature.

If used frequently, nature has been shown to produce amazing results such as:

SWOT Analysis - Hanging Out

People forget to make a solid plan when it comes to adding a new discipline to their lifestyle. They have identified a need (lose weight, talk with their friends about Jesus, find a new church, etc.) and an action that address that need (diet, rehearse a prepared speech) but these are short term reminders at best.