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"How Can God...?"

“How can God…?” that is the phrase that starts out many problems people have with God’s personality traits. This thought process usually ends with allowing something to happen (inaction) or something they tie directly to God (action) and often is based on what they think they would do if they were God (hint: you aren’t).

Is God a God of Wrath or Grace?

If God is good and God is just, then His judgement is good and His actions are just. Yet, when God wipes out unholy nations or strikes down a Levite for catching the falling ark, we call those actions God's wrath and wrath doesn't sound too good. Wrath sounds evil. But God cannot be evil, so where is the disconnect?

Is Murder Ever Acceptable?

God gave the commandment "You shall not murder" which seems like it should be a black and white rule, right? Why are we able to find so much grey area then? People justify murder for many reasons, a few of which we brought up in #ec1dot25. Here are a few that come to mind, let me know if I'm missing any: Crime of Passion, Self Defense, War, Capital Punishment, etc.