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Top 4 Reasons to be a Weird Christian

As much as I try to be like the Christian cool kids, I just can't. It leaves me on the outside looking in. It's safe to say, I don't have many Christian friends. Having never given much thought to the reasons for my distaste I thought I would offer up some reasons as to why I drift away toward pop-culture Christianity. Besides being a "weird" Christian has its benefits. Here are 4 of them.

An Irresponsible Faith

"God has given something special for you, but I can't' give it to you until you're ready." 

These words boil my blood. I can understand how maniacal televangelists get away with crap on television - we are used aggrandized claims coming from the marketing gurus on the boob tube. We are used to some promises not being fulfilled because we have all bought something that was too good to be true and the whole truth is that it wasn't any good at all. We are used to being disappointed by what we see on TV. 

But what are we, as Christians, supposed to do?

CCEF Everyday Worship Conference Recap.

I am not typically a "conference guy." You won't find me at many of the super conferences that take place in annually in Atlanta or the one-time gatherings on the mall in Washington DC. While I love that they exist and see their benefit, my introversion usually gets the better of me and I read a book instead. That said, there are certain themes to conferences that grab my attention and beckon me to attend. The call of CCEF's Everyday Worship conference was heard and I couldn't have been rewarded any more greatly!

When Your Friends Let You Down

Our friends, who are supposed to know us best, who are supposed to know the things that hurt us most, still find ways to let us down and hurt us. Sometimes it is our fault. We may never take the blame for not better communicating our emotional needs, but even when it is out fault it's still our friend's fault because, well, they should know better! They are my friends after all!

Did You Miss Something? Empty Church's Most Popular - 2016 Q1 Edition

2016 is already 25% completed. In business terms, that means Q1 has just wrapped and we are looking forward to what the rest of 2016 has to offer. It is always appropriate to look at what you have accomplished. Over the first 13 weeks of 2016, we've talked about hitting the Jesus Gym, Alcohol, Church Music and some Foolish Things. Did you catch the best of 2016? 

Empty Church Proclaims Coffee the new Alcohol

In many Christian circles - none of which overlap with the superior Reformed movement - alcohol usage has been frowned upon and outright disallowed. Though many are starting to waver from their convictions, it has come to the attention of Empty Church and its constituents that real problem is no longer alcohol. It's a beverage served hot or iced that is to be forbidden. Coffee is the new devil's brew. 

Top Clicks and Picks of 2015

As 2015 reaches closing time the final hours, minutes and seconds beg to be reflected on. So that is what we are going to do. I have asked the Empty Church crew to come up with their favorite posts from our first year

The Hopes And Fears At Christmas

In the manger where divinity and humanity supernaturally fused it is only fitting that hope and fear find their natural juxtaposition. We humans are frail and full of fear. We expect the worst and crumble when it arrives.

Talk Faith

Always remember, while faith is personal it is not meant to be private. If your faith in Jesus has saved you from the bondage of sin that is a worthy story to share! It is a story that may be influential in the rescue of someone else. We talk about faith with others so their worldview may be refined and sharpened. 

7 Confessions of Thankfulness

Gratitude and thankfulness work their magic and keep us humble. The very act of recognizing that you are thankful for someone, some act, some moment, realigns our hearts and minds on this journey of life. It reminds us that the daily work of "striving for” has yielded some fruit.

The Storytellers and the Bondage of the Modern American Christian

Today, churches resemble wild concerts and rehab programs. Entertaining fun with a side of 12 steps. Honesty is covered in sweet honey so you can take the medicine while focusing on the pleasure of taste and the avoidance of discomfort. Who cares if you get better? It only matters if you feel good. Is it possible that the “gospel” being proclaimed from pulpits around the world is thickening the chains instead of breaking them? 

An Empty Response to the Starbucks RedCup Controversy

Taking Christ out of Christmas?  No. They are taking a word off of a coffee cup. The cup has zero powers to influence anyone's decision to celebrate or refrain from celebrating a holiday. The 8 letter omission will not affect your church attendance or the billion dollar Christmas gift industry. Most off all Jesus will not be offended. He turns water into wine. Not coffee.