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As Seen on Sunday: The Jericho Protest

The image of the American protest is people locked arm in arm,

following their leader,
carrying signs,

The imagery reminds me of the story of Jericho.


The Israelites are in formation,

surrounding the Ark of God


But there was one key difference between the American protest and the Jericho protest: 
Americans can’t keep quiet. 

The Talk Faith Recap: September 23, 2016

The Talk Faith recap gathers the week's best from the Empty Church crew and gives you the resources to talk about your faith with your friends and family. If you missed anything or are looking for a great link to send to a friend to introduce them to Empty Church this is the one you want to send!

A Life of Protest

From our talks about protests, I have gained a greater respect for hearing what message is trying to be conveyed. I look forward to evaluating any future feelings that I have about protests. 

What it comes down to is enjoying the freedom to protest something we don't like.