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Jesus Is Not Enough for Me…Yet

This week I am at a total loss as to what to talk about for my blog seeing as how Josh and Sean went off on a tangent and I simply offered a chuckle here and there in the podcast as I so often do. I’ve literally waited until the last minute to write my blog because I have wracked my brain for the last week as to what to write about and nothing has come to mind. Honestly, I’m tired of writing about God and Jesus and stuff I don’t believe in. It’s exhausting. I go to church and I have been churched so I know things to write about for our weekly topics but it’s not what I’m interested in and it’s a challenge every week to write about a subject that I know little about.

I am a Bible Skeptic

In the beginning of my journey here at Empty Church I wrote a blog about blindly believing. This week we discussed if Christians should believe everything in the Bible or should they be a little doubtful or skeptical about some things? I think we all agreed that there is a healthy combination of belief and skepticism that goes along with believing in God and the bible if one is a Christian.

Talk Faith

Always remember, while faith is personal it is not meant to be private. If your faith in Jesus has saved you from the bondage of sin that is a worthy story to share! It is a story that may be influential in the rescue of someone else. We talk about faith with others so their worldview may be refined and sharpened. 

Blindly Believing

Nathaniel was considered a “bigot” because he was honest, bold, and proud; willing to speak his mind, even in front of Jesus. Why is it that when we disagree with people we are often thought of as a bigot?

On the Outside

Jesus’ disciples were a mix of “those” type of people – the ones that made most feel uncomfortable. Simon was a political zealot who may or may not have murdered an enemy. Matthew was a tax collector who turned his back on his own people to work for the tyrannical government. Judas came from another town. John was a just a teenager in the times when the stories of the King killing all the male babies were probably still making the rounds.  They were a group that may have had no other reason to be found together other than the call of Jesus. 

Live Empty

Every day we try to keep God’s word and live like Jesus lived. Often, we suck at this and are forced to rely on grace to try again. We strive to have these qualities, though we realize it will take a lifetime for these attitudes to take root in our souls. We may get it more wrong than right, but here is the good news getting it right is glorious! Service and humility are key ingredients to better relationships, kinder communities, and a more peaceful world. 

What would it look like if you emptied yourself of some selfish ambition or sought the interest others like your do your own? 

Do you attend a hollow church?

A hollow church has built up an exterior facade but there is little evidence of the Spirit inside. Sure, they are beautiful to look at. The stained glass and mahogany pews create quite an atmosphere. The people can be friendly and the coffee can be top notch (this is a good thing, right?). Every single detail can be well thought out and executed to the highest degree. But something is missing.