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As Seen on Sunday: Bone of my Bone

First, let me make it known that the irony of a man speaking on women is not lost on me. I have taken this topic very seriously and I hope that I do it justice. Since people can proof text any position on women from the Bible, I hope to speak the truth by appealing to the creation account and life after the fall

As Seen on Sunday: The Jericho Protest

The image of the American protest is people locked arm in arm,

following their leader,
carrying signs,

The imagery reminds me of the story of Jericho.


The Israelites are in formation,

surrounding the Ark of God


But there was one key difference between the American protest and the Jericho protest: 
Americans can’t keep quiet. 

As Seen on Sunday: My Refuge - Psalm 16

Pattern recognition helps us quickly adapt to new situations. Our brains recognize the circumstance and prepare to act in the proper manner. 

Most of the time we fall into the same traps because we have failed to identify the patterns that lead us down the familiar paths of despair. 

We end up in the same messes because we unconsciously walk the same paths. 


So how do we break out of these destructive patterns? 


By replacing them with Biblical patterns.

As Seen On Sunday: Don't get a paper cut from your Bible

Today we end the bones of our belief series where most people start: the Bible.

And I didn't know where to start. We preach every week from the Bible as the basis of our faith. We believe that since the Bible claims that it is from God that it has authority. It’s a circular argument: the Bible is true because God says that it’s true within the Bible. The Bible is authoritative because it claims to be from God. I have faith that this is true and it doesn't hurt that the Bible has a pretty good track record in its translation and historically.

As Seen on Sunday: The Ghost in Our Bones

The Holy Spirit - or the Holy Ghost, as some may reference, is often the most misunderstood member of the Triune God. His power and influence is either overly diminished or unashamedly abused for the corrupt benefit of man. I suppose the same could be said of the other members of the Triune God as well, but the historical incarnation of Jesus and the Old Testament Yahweh as Father are offer an easier grasp on their being and role. The Holy Spirit is present through out all Scripture but he is less a character in the narrative than the one that makes the narrative move forward. He isn't even the narrator of the book as he seemingly settles for well-timed cameos. 

But let's not be fooled. The Holy Spirit is in many ways the most intimiate member of the Godhead for he is the one that dwells in us. In many ways, he is the Ghost in our Bones. 

As Seen on Sunday: The Bones of Our Belief - God Creates and Sustains

It can be very easy to just say, “God created everything.” Sometimes the deepest truths, when reduced to a pithy maxim, lose their significance in our lives. 

Do we as Christians take this truth  for granted? Probably. 

Do the non-religious passively roll their eyes and dismiss it without giving it an honest look? Probably. 

We as people can also trip up over the concept of God.

  • If he exists, how does he exist?
  • What does he do?
  • What does it matter?

We want to address two foundational principles wrapped in one succinct sentence:

There is One God who created and sustains everything.