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The Human Condition is re-Bellion

If you have listened to the podcast or if you saw the name, you might be wondering “Who is Jon Bellion and why is this podcast NOT featuring him?” First, Jon is an artist that I extremely enjoy. Every part of his craft works together to an amazing end result. Secondly, since we are talking about humanity this week Josh appropriately took this chance to poke a little fun at me by naming the podcast the way he did, but unfortunately for me Jon is not being interviewed :(

The Hierarchy of Sin

I hate to admit this. I don't want to believe that its true. I try so hard to refute its existence. Alas, I cannot.

We humans live under a hierarchy of sin. Granted this hierarchy is a construct of societal development, but still, we live under its pretenses. Some sins aren't considered real sins (like telling your grandma how much you love that Christmas sweater...again) and other sins are virtually unforgivable.

“Go and sin no more.”

Self control must be an important character trait to have since it is a reoccurring theme in the Bible and is a fruit of the Spirit. Jesus talks about sin pretty often. He forgave people of their sins before healing them and he even told people to stop sinning, but is sin a self-control issue? Maybe.