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Check This Box For Your FREE Fire Insurance Policy

Telling others about Jesus and the good news of salvation is a joy available to all believers. Some would even consider it a duty or mission that must be done regardless of how it makes your feel emotionally. The joyous and missional aspects of evangelism often times gets wrapped up a layer of efficiency and results. That is, there are times when the Gospel is accompanied by an attitude that seeks to "win" the most with the least amount of effort. In the mid 1900's (and other times throughout Christian history) the introduction of the Fire Insurance policy ruled the day. 

Make Jesus Like You More (At your own risk)

It seems that so many people are out to make a name for themselves. They have invested a large amount of time and money building their personal brand. You see, so much of modern day church “success” is tied to name recognition. If they know your name, they know your church and if they know your church maybe they will give some money. Or something like that…