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The Who Not The What

We have people who look like they are following but have never acknowledged if they believe and we have those who say they believe but have never followed. 

Which Comes First?

I think that some people need to follow something, test it out, try it on, etc before they can make a confession that they believe in it. Peter did not know Jesus, yet he started to follow. It was only after he witnessed the miracles and walked beside Him for many months that he finally confessed Jesus was Lord.  

Questioning the Unquestionable

We must be open to question our own beliefs with the same zeal and fervor as the beliefs that we see as a threat to our own. Only then we’ll we move from taking belief for granted to an active role in what we belief by knowing why we believe it.

Poking the Crucifixion Holes

If the doubting disciple had to physical feel the Sacrificial Jesus in order to believe, where does that leave us? We will never experience what Thomas experienced in touching Jesus, but we can and do experience the desire for something more real. When it comes to believing in Jesus we have a distinct disadvantage. This was not lost on Jesus.