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I Didn't Have Enough Love to Stay.

Love is a muscle that needs to be developed. The exercise of love enables us to love more. What I realized soon during the tumultuous season addressed above is that I did not have the capacity to love both the people of the church and my wife.

Lonely Love

I am a victim of this idealistic emotional puppy-dog fake narrative that is repeated over and over and over by our stories. One giant narrative echo chamber of fake love that makes it so meaningless when we can’t find that love.

The Truth Shall Make You Mad

Truth is a line in the sand and it forces us to re-examine the suppositions we strongly hold as we decide to choose which side we will stand on. It also forces us to submit that we are not the deciders of the definition of truth. That is, we don't bear the right or responsibility of moving the line.  

A Big Uncomfortable Hug

I do not like to be uncomfortable and I hate being discomforted. 

The difference? Being discomforted means that someone or something has entered my space, physical, intellectual, or emotional, and disrupted my preferred state of homeostasis. They have challenged me and, you guessed it, I don't like it.