The Echoes of Heaven - A Playlist

The Echoes of Heaven - A Playlist

What will heaven be like? Could it be possible that you already know what heaven is like? Even though you have never been there, I believe that every person has a foretaste of the afterlife while they are living this life. No, I am not talking about some out of body experience that took you to another dimension (though I hear some trippy narcotics can help you achieve that). I'm talking about the echoes that you experience every day.

Complete Made Incomplete

Heaven is the most complete realization of our incomplete earthly desires. The Bible maintains that people are innately spiritual. This spirit-ness is tapped into something more than the material. To further complicate things, we are subdued by a sinful nature that distorts the spiritual underpinnings of life. Since we are spiritual, everything is spiritual. Even if it doesn't seem like it. 

Have you ever stood in a large auditorium or on a mountain and loudly yelled? You may remember the echo that was created as the sound of your voice bounced around the atmosphere. When you hear the echo it sounds very similar to what you said, but not exactly. The further the sound waves travel away from the source, the more distorted and faint they become. Our experiences, I would contend, are the echoes of heaven. The further away from the source that we are the harder it is to recognize it. The account of heaven we are given in the book of Revelation resorts to needing to describe the likeness of what is seen because it is incomprehensible yet still recognizable. 


Likewise our desires may be the recognition of that which is incomprehensible and unattainable, that is, here on earth. Basing our thinking on what the Bible has to say about heaven lets look at some earthly desires — some good, some not — that are fulfilled in heaven. Have you ever noticed the connection?

Greed fulfilled by being constantly surrounded by splendor

Community fulfilled in the accompaniment of the saints

The joy of Sex fulfilled in the ability to be 100% vulnerable and not being ashamed

Peace and Safety fulfilled in the promise that all evil will be vanquished and destroyed

Hunger is satisfied with a Feast

The desire to belong, to have a place, is fulfilled in the worship of Jesus as Savior and Lord

On earth we get temporary relief from the aches that come from having to constantly pursue these needs. In heaven we don't just get access to relief. We get fulfillment beyond our wildest measures! 

The Playlist

The musicians and lyricist always seem to say it best and usually with a sick beat. We've curated a playlist (you may need to signup for Spotify to listen - there is a free option) to help you hear some of the echoes. Beyonce feels the pain of death, Springsteen falls in love, 50 Cent just has to get there, and Toy Armada just wants to get lucky. 

Finally, we close out with David Crowder reminding us that while we all want to get to heaven, none of us wants to die. Which reminds us of another spiritual need fulfilled in heaven — the desire to never die. 

How do we get to heaven? Maybe the best answer is to listen closely. There is a Spirit calling out to you. Respond. 

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