The Human Condition is re-Bellion

The Human Condition is re-Bellion

If you have listened to the podcast or if you saw the name, you might be wondering “Who is Jon Bellion and why is this podcast NOT featuring him?” First, Jon is an artist that I extremely enjoy. Every part of his craft works together to an amazing end result. (Before you look him up do know that most of his music is explicit so if you have a problem with language…) I’m not going to tell you what kind of music he makes because there is so much depth in it that I don't like trying to describe it. Secondly, since we are talking about humanity this week Josh appropriately took this chance to poke a little fun at me by naming the podcast the way he did, but unfortunately for me Jon is not being interviewed.

Is there a point to you ranting and raving about this guy? Is this an ad?

Yes, there is a point and no this isn't an ad. I just like his art that much. I won’t go into his background because there are plenty of articles and interviews with him nowadays, but, besides my mind always connecting a topic to a lyric of his, the title of his debut album is “The Human Condition.” This works in perfectly with this week’s Bone of our Belief which is on people. Humanity’s condition being rebellious:

4. People are naturally rebellious toward the God who unfathomably loves them. Only through belief in Jesus and repentance of their rebellion can they join in the big family reunion after Jesus returns to earth.

I don’t know what Jon’s beliefs are, I have not seen that mentioned anywhere yet (not that it isn't out there, just that I have not seen it). He does mention God in his music but there is no way of knowing if he means the Christian one, God as an idea, or someone else. If Jon Bellion ever wants to talk faith (about his faith or faith in general) I’d love to interview him with the people here at Empty Church! (shameless plug)

The "Weight of the World"

Jon covers topics like pride, lust/sex, relationships, family, breaking of morals, the futility of material possessions, school/ college, money, and God. This makes his album aptly named. He even left a single he wrote off the album because it didn't fit. He pretty much covers all parts of life. When you include some of his other albums I think an overarching message emerges: there has to be something more to life. Maybe I am just reading my Christian values into his music, but I think its pretty clear that Jon is saying that we can’t allow life to be all about money and wealth. He starts out his album by saying that he's still the Jon Bellion that people have been listening to for three albums that he gave away for free digitally before this one that is his 'debut' since it costs money. Jon ends his album on the human condition with a song that acts as an outro since every other song is represented in this one song. This one song is called "Hand of God." The song says that his mom tells him not to loose faith since his life is in the hand of God. The outro song that has every other song from the album in it all about the human condition hinges on one thing- it’s all in the hand of God.

Do You Get it? "Maybe I don't know."

So how can a guy who *shudders* has tattoos, says bad words, and sings about sex get this faster than most Christians do? (Again, I don't know Jon’s faith so I am not making a case in either direction until I hear from him, I’m just saying those three things often disqualify someone in the mind of many Christians). He's younger than I am, but seems to know that despite his success, life isn’t about that. It sounds like he’s in a better place mentally than many Christian college students and he dropped out of whatever college he went to. It seems as if he knows that there is something off, something wrong with life and humanity. I'm just not sure if he's pegged it being that humanity rebels against God.

I just pray that Jon Bellion does know that there truly is hope for the human condition found in the death and resurrection of Jesus.


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