The Truth Shall Make You Mad

The Truth Shall Make You Mad

"You will know the truth and the truth shall make you mad." These words came from my beloved professor Dr. Ron Hall and they encapsulate the struggle of all people who are confronted by the truth of the gospel. 

And as I reflect on Brett McCracken's fourth chapter in Uncomfortable: The Awkward and Essential Challenge of Christianity I more deeply grasp the truth that my wise professor was trying to instill in us all those years ago. 

Truth is a line in the sand and it forces us to re-examine the suppositions we strongly hold as we decide to choose which side we will stand on. It also forces us to submit that we are not the deciders of the definition of truth. That is, we don't bear the right or responsibility of moving the line. 

As prideful people completely ensconced in a depraved culture we tend to operate under the misconception that we can do what we want, how we want, to whom we want, and then decide on its "goodness" or "badness" later. 

This is our feeble attempt to move the line as we wish. 

But Truth does not move about at our personal or cultural whims. Truth, as personified in Christ and originating from the Constancy of God is can cause much discomfort. The truth will make you mad.

The Hell of Miraculous Sex 

Truth makes us confront our presuppositions about generally uncomfortable topics. Especially when we can't fully explain or comprehend the massive reality of how God is sovereign over the universe. 

We don't understand how a good God can allow the eternal punishment of hell. 

We try to explain the supernatural away because it means that we obviously don't have all the power we think we do.

We laugh at the idea of sexual ethics because we feel we shouldn't be told who and how to have sex (often referred to as "love is love," because sex apparently is synonymous with love in our culture. When two words that are related somehow become synonymous, it means that one or both words have been conveniently redefined). 

This comes down to the wrecked absoluteness of truth. Everyone has their own truth and thus Truth fails to exist, but personal opinion is promoted to the crown. Another way in which we just worship ourselves.


Getting Mad is OK.

I think it is a good thing to admit our rebellion against truth. Confession is the first step. I would much rather someone acknowledge Truth as truth and say, "I'm going to do it my way anyway," than deny the Truth as truth. 

Denial is much harder to cure than rebellion, or so my therapist tells me. I would rather be offended by the truth, be made mad by the truth than to be comfortably numb in a lie.

So if there is something I say that makes you angry, let's talk about it. We can be uncomfortable together in our pursuit of Truth. 


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