Top Clicks and Picks of 2015

Top Clicks and Picks of 2015

As 2015 reaches closing time the final hours, minutes and seconds beg to be reflected on. So that is what we are going to do. I have asked the Empty Church crew to come up with their favorite posts from our first year - so technically it was a couple of months, but we can overlook that right? But before we get into that, here is a list of our most popular articles and podcasts as determined by you.

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Most Popular Posts for 2015

It is always humbling to know that there are people reading and sharing your words and thoughts with their friends and social networks. It is also funny to look back and see what topics were important during the year.  Here are the top 3most read blog posts for 2015 from Empty Church:

  1.  An Empty Response to the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy
  2.  How Does a Non-Believer Begin Believing?
  3.  The Currency of Age: Why Millennials Come Across as Entitled

We determined one of the best ways to introduce ourselves was to produce a podcast that allows anyone to eavesdrop on our faith journey. We talked about faith and following Jesus in ways that were philosophical, theological, emotional, and pain silly. Our 3 most popular podcasts this year were:

  1.  Family Matters - #ec1dot07
  2. Who's Allowed to Follow Jesus - #ec1dot01
  3. Doubting Jesus Was His Game - #ec1dot05

The Crew's Choice Awards

I asked each member to select a favorite post or podcast and here is what they said:

Sarah Schaidt
This was really hard! I guess I would say my favorite is The 21st Century Jesus It really challenged me to stop projecting what I want to see in Jesus. Like reading a book after watching the movie, you see that actor in your mind while you're reading. I want to read the Bible with a clean slate and not project an image of someone I have created.

Kristal Miller
I think my favorite post is Doubt and Belief . Sarah explains that believers can have doubts and do not necessarily believe in everything they’re told. I feel like I need to fully know and understand everything before I can be a believer. It’s reassuring to know that believers doubt.

Sean Kready
Episode #ec1dot07 - Family Matters was really good because we had Kristal talk in a way that we did not really have her talk before hand. Insight into a life of someone still exploring and getting information on things that may have impacted where her faith is now sheds light on the importance of discussing faith with our children like any other topic we might talk to them about, but in the end it is the child’s choice.

The Currency of Age: Why Millennials Come Across as Entitled stands out to me as being a good response to many of the articles being published about millennials being babies and entitled and a plethora of other criticisms. It says that we are having a hard time during one of the greatest times and that generations before us helped put us where we are, yet we are still carrying on even though we were basically lied to. Finally Active Faith vs. Passive Faith was important to me personally because I can see in my blogs right before that one and then for most of the blogs after the same active vs passive thought process going on.

Josh Schaidt TwitterFacebookInstagram
Sometimes I feel like all of these posts and shows are my digital kids. It is hard to tell one that I love it more than the others. But if you can keep a secret with me, I let you know that I was very fond of Sean's Identity Crisis. Our personal identity is a large and looming topic and I feel that his post was a good ice breaker to an ongoing discussion.

My favorie episode of Another Empty Conversation was definately #ec1dot05 - Doubting Jesus Was His Game. I love discussing what causes people to want to follow Jesus and what prompts them to turn away. It help me understand my own wandering heart more.

Something We Missed?

Was there there a personal favorite of yours that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below.

We at Empty Church are so excited for 2016 and you should be, too! We kick off a new series in January that takes aim at spiritual discipline and why it is essential, why its boring, and how we can power through to get fit and live empty.

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