Vain Discussions and Repercussions

Vain Discussions and Repercussions


We have produced many podcasts up to this point; in #ec1dot28 (0dot01), a Beta recording from the archive, it is amazing to see how far we have come since this recording. This is a recording before Kristal started meeting with us and I can say that we all truly benefit from having Kristal’s perspective each week.

I believe that this is a good time to remember this conversation because it reminds us not to get caught up in interesting conversations that may not lead back to God. It is our hope that these faith conversations build faith and bring us closer to God, rather than help us ignore what God is saying. As we say every week, we talk about our faith in the hopes that you can talk about yours.

There is a danger in what we do- that we would forget why we have these conversations, allowing them to become vain and meaningless. It is true that in all of our conversations we have a tendency to go down rabbit trails, hitting a variety of related or unrelated topics along the way, but we also pose a lot of questions that are meant to make people think. I know that when I actually think about a topic that I may have previously taken for granted, I am able to start formulating my own opinion on it and not what I have been told to think.

I think that there is a difference between vain discussions and thought provoking discussions, even if the line between the two at times may not be clear:

  1. Vain discussions lead nowhere and do nothing. This is when we are talking to hear our own voices and we can have the same conversation over again without it ever affecting us in any way. We can speculate all we want why or how belief in Jesus’ death and resurrection has the power to cover our sins but it doesn't mean anyone will believe that the event actually does.
  2. The conversations we are after make people think. Sometimes by having the conversation we will think about something in a completely new way. When that happens we have no choice but to make changes in our lives because something has changed. A conversation that illuminates one’s need for Jesus to have died and rose again is much more life changing than debating if Jesus was the last needed sacrifice in the Jewish sacrificial system or why God demanded blood sacrifice.

Change is inevitable.

Things are always changing: sometimes we are taken unaware, sometimes change is natural, and sometimes we make changes.

I think the most dangerous change is the change that we are unaware of or do not know the reason for. We are just kind of overtaken by it and years later we regretfully look back and see what we allowed to happen. When we can see it happening (even if we don't like it) we can still be more prepared for it. When we are the reason for the change, like after we have prayed, studied, and given something a lot of thought, we should be all in on the change because we know why it is happening and we believe it is the proper course to take.

I thank God for how far we have come and how He has allowed us to grow through conversation and I pray that some of you have been able to journey along with us as we seek to know God better. It is our prayer here at Empty Church that every change that we make would be one that reflects what God wants for Empty Church; especially with the risk of becoming sidetracked with vain (hollow) conversations.

About the Author | Sean Kready
A pastor wannabe who is searching the plan God has for him, hoping to know God better with others along the way.

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