Women: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

Women: Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.

In all seriousness I think the world of women. I think that it is amazing that despite being held back in so many ways, women constantly keep stride with and often surpass men in whatever role they choose. This isn’t a post to put down men or compare the accomplishments of women to men, but to say that when people use the life that they have been given to strive for the best they can be, we all win. When a person of any gender misuses their opportunities we come up with all sorts of examples of how one gender is worse than the other. Working together as a group through strengths and weaknesses makes us a whole unit. Working together is how humanity has progressed as far as it has, and the times where we have not worked together have lead to the worst parts of our history.

Rights and Equality:

I don’t know if I believe we can truly ever have equality just because people are SO different. People have been fighting for equality for a long time and where are we? The media would have us to believe we have not gained any ground.

The person best suited for a job should get it, doesn't matter race or gender. The person doing the best work should get paid the most. But how can we boil people down to some simple traits which then are judged on for the purpose of being hired or wage amount? Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem loosing a job to someone more qualified or being paid less than someone who does better work (I mean it still sucks but they should be hiring the best person). I think that is what is right. If that person is a woman, I don't need to be emasculated or feel inferior because of it. She’s getting the job or promotion fair and square. She deserves it and we should celebrate together her accomplishments!

I think both parents should have pregnancy leave to bond with their child and to support each other in the big change. I don't know enough to know how much time is needed but I definitely support a good amount of time. The fact is that most homes have two incomes as a necessity but that should not mean that people cannot have children or have the appropriate time with them. I would go as far as to support leave for parents who are adopting. We should celebrate parents and children, not make it a hardship.

Grateful for Diversity

If we try to make people out to be the same, we forget the beautiful diversity that is the human race. One species, many cultures and ethnicities that are so fascinating to see. Humans can be so different, but despite the differences we can still be so similar. Even across great distances and time.

Men and women ARE different, but it is for the good. I also don't think that these differences should lock people into social gender roles. I don’t know how to express how we are different, we just are, and that is so beautiful. Sure everyone is different but the differences in perspective and life between genders are on a whole different level (over 9000).  

Can men truly appreciate or value women if they think women are inferior and lesser? NO! I don't think they can. I don't see how women are not equal, yet women are different and that’s not a bad thing. Please don't make it out to be something it’s not. Different does not mean inequality!

There is a reason we started with two women and two men and it's not just because Josh and Sarah are married and I've known Kristal for a long time - it's for perspective (yes we are all ‘white’ which we’d love to have even more diversity). Josh and I give Sarah a hard time but her perspective is invaluable. I absolutely see her as an equal if not greater than. Sarah is a big example of how men have been foolish to think that women are not equals. We had a conversation the other day about some things that make her uncomfortable and it really hit a cord with me as a guy that she would feel as if she had something to fear from certain people. I think it is very sad that the world we live in is one where she does have something to fear. I want to do my part so that strangers have less reasons to fear me.

I have known Kristal for the upwards of 11 years. She has always been pushed me to be better. I haven't always liked it but it’s been because she cares. The ways she has have also always been in ways that no one else could have. She’s pretty great. In Empty Church, Kristal always offered thoughtful perspectives that were much different form the rest of us (no matter how short or quite the opinion was). Kristal and I complete each other in many ways but that also means we butt heads. I have not always been the best to Kristal and yet here she is still in my life and my best friend. I think she has forgiven me for so much of it (at least the stuff she know about) and I hurt thinking about how much I don't deserve someone as great as her.

Personal Conclusions

I am sorry to everyone, specifically women, who I have wronged in the past. I have not always treated you as equals and with the utmost respect. I am constantly trying to grow as a person and I thank you for the chance to grow through your forgiveness when I have not been the best.

Thank You to all the amazing women in my life who have changed me for the better. <3

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