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What is Lent?

With the beginning of lent upon us, I thought I would discuss what I know about lent. Working at a seafood restaurant, lent is a busy time of year for us because we get all those catholics that can’t eat meat on Fridays so they go out to dinner to eat some sort of fish or seafood. It puts more money in my pocket and decreases meat consumption for a day. But what exactly is lent?

Top 4 Reasons to be a Weird Christian

As much as I try to be like the Christian cool kids, I just can't. It leaves me on the outside looking in. It's safe to say, I don't have many Christian friends. Having never given much thought to the reasons for my distaste I thought I would offer up some reasons as to why I drift away toward pop-culture Christianity. Besides being a "weird" Christian has its benefits. Here are 4 of them.

Disappointment With God

If you have been a Christian for any substantial length of time you will have experienced disappointment with God. Your expectations were met with silence and your needs loom ever larger until you are sure they will topple you over and bring your destruction. Yet, the God who is there doesn't seem to be there. The benevolent Father appears greedy and withdrawn. This is not what you heard from your Pastor. The promise has been broken.  What is going on? 

An Irresponsible Faith

"God has given something special for you, but I can't' give it to you until you're ready." 

These words boil my blood. I can understand how maniacal televangelists get away with crap on television - we are used aggrandized claims coming from the marketing gurus on the boob tube. We are used to some promises not being fulfilled because we have all bought something that was too good to be true and the whole truth is that it wasn't any good at all. We are used to being disappointed by what we see on TV. 

But what are we, as Christians, supposed to do?

Relax, it's just the election

I was telling Kristal the other day that I don't believe that there is a candidate that will “fix the world” or America or save Christians from the “evil left.” It's just not going to happen. There might be a candidate that does more things that people in certain political parties do or do not like, but I’ve grown past the mentality that a certain person is the end of the world.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

As we discussed on this week's episode, the government has put several great programs in place over the years. Programs that support parents and caregivers, those with disabilities, our veterans, and many others. These programs have helped many people over the years. But who funds these programs and what can we do when there is not enough to go around?

Help Who You Can; Help More Than You Can

Who do we help? Do we help everyone who expresses the need for help? What about those who need help but don't ask for it? What about people who don't need help and ask for it?

There seems to be a prevailing thought that we should help less people because there are a percentage that are “gaming” the system meant to help those in need. Of course no one will ever say that we should stop helping people all together, just make it so less people are able to get through in order to receive help.

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

As I've mentioned before, I hate politics. I typically do not pay much attention to them. In the past I have avoided news during the election season like a toddler avoids nap time. This year, however, is a bit different. Maybe it's because it is almost next to impossible to avoid when everyone you know is a posting something to their Facebook about their favorite candidate to love or hate this week. Or maybe it is because as the election draws closer the realization that one of the nominated candidates will truly be leading our country soon is a bit of a daunting thought to me. Why? Because what if they're lying...

How can we trust people who need to be fact checked?

It is so difficult to know who we can trust. I can give a person positional respect, but not completely trust them. Trust seems to take more time to earn and is easily broken. When it comes to politics and elected officials we are placed in a hard position. We SHOULD be able to trust them if we want them to represent us and hopefully we can respect them. We look to the platform that that candidate represents and then we have to decide if they actually represent what they say. How do we know which candidate we can trust? Hilary hammered hard that her website was fact checking everything that Donald was saying and every news outlet has their story on all the things that each candidate was wrong about. Are they simply negligent with their information or are they willingly lying to sway the masses?

5 Questions To Ask Before Protesting

There are many different ways to protest. Some are more peaceful than others. Some are more respectful than others. And some communicate the message you are trying to convey better than others. After all, protesting is about a message or a cause you are trying to represent, right? So before you even discuss whether or not you want to organize a sit-in or start painting signs for picketing, you should first answer a few questions.