Meet The Empty Church Crew

We're a group of friends who enjoy meeting together to talk about our faith. Read a little more about us to put a face to a name (or a voice) and please don't hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself as well!

Josh Schaidt

I spend more time thinking about the best ways to talk about Jesus with you than a normal human being. I have studied at the University of Valley Forge and Southern New Hampshire University. If I am not writing and creating for Empty Church I am talking with people over coffee, reading old thick books, writing with fountain pens, or listening to good music with my daughter.

Some of my personal goals are to become a doctor (the intellectual kind because I get squeamish with the tiniest amount of blood), visit California, go to a World Series game featuring the NY Mets,  and actually pay off my student loans. My nickname growing up was the same as a dinosaur that was ridden by a plumber and ate tons of turtle shells while trying to rescue a princess. I once dreamed of creating my own signature line of basketball shoes until I discovered that I hated sewing. I think how you lose is much more interesting than how much you win.

Sarah Schaidt

I love turning complex code into simplistic web designs. I graduated from the University of Valley Forge and now work as a web analyst at a Fortune 500 company. My newest interest in the world of web design is web accessibility and making sites accessible to everyone. I also enjoy binge watching Netflix, traveling to new places, making and listening to music, Sunday afternoon naps, and Food Network (not necessarily in that order). When I'm not at work or the with EC crew, I'm probably eating ice cream with my daughter.

Still reading? Well here are some other random facts... While I enjoy fancy drinks at Starbucks (I'm drinking a Venti Soy Chai Tea Latte, no water, 2 pumps Caramel and 2 pumps Cinnamon Dulce as I type this) I don't like to pay full price for them, so I indulge when I earn a "reward". I used to have pi memorized up to the 75th decimal place, but I can probably only remember 20 now. I used to be a theater nerd and keep telling myself I will return to the stage someday; until then, I'm content putting on plays with my daughter. I'm married to Josh (see handsome guy in previous bio) and I'd be apart of Empty Church even if he wasn't my husband.

Sean Kready

Hi, I’m Sean. I didn’t want to have a bio but here we are :P.  I went to the University of Valley Forge and received a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry. I use it to blog and record conversations, which is not what many people expect when they hear what I went to school for. If I wrote a blog every time I had an idea for one Josh would be thrilled, but alas I do not. I find it difficult to be a Christian and share my faith in a pluralistic society that is headed in the post-Christian direction (which in plain language just means that people say its fine to believe whatever you want as long as you don’t try to tell them about it and that people already have ideas about Jesus, which they aren’t open to change when people tell them different.). I try to obey Jesus but fail constantly. I do the things I know I shouldn’t and neglect the things I know I should. I both “attend” church and am apart of “the Church.” The Love that I have to give is not my own.

I work a job. I’m not married and I live with parents. I use the classification of emerging adulthood to make myself feel better about it. I’m just moving through life at my own pace and that is okay. I am awkward and weird. I have delusions of grandeur. I am selfish and insecure. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I am a pretty boring person. I watch Netflix instead of being productive. I like hockey, Doctor Who, and weird movies and T.V. shows. I play Cookie Clicker way too much. I send out the emails for Empty Church so you should subscribe.

Kristal Miller

Hi I’m Kristal* and I hate everyone (not really). I don't believe in God. Darwin is god. Even though Darwin himself believed in God. I work as a waitress and make no money. I am a full time biology student. I am going to save the earth from human expedited ecological destruction. 

I have a dog, Jack, who I hate most of the time, but I love dogs. I live with my deadbeat father. I like going geocaching and hiking because they both get me out in nature, which is why I like Biology. I am a gift giving genius but I am impossible to buy a gift for because I already buy the things I want. I like Papa John’s pizza and Chick-Fil-A. I used to do fancy things with my nail polish but who has time for that? Not me. I am so tired of blogging and writing papers for school but a girls got to do what a girls got to do. I am going to be forever alone. But thats fine because I hate people. Don't touch me. I don't like to be touched so thanks mr. pastor who put me in a headlock the first week I went to your church- I never went back.

If God exists, He hasn’t told me yet or maybe He has and I am just in denial. Who knows? Well God would, if He existed. I have been going to church for 6 years but still don't believe. I hang out with Sean sometimes and the people at Empty Church, but I don't even have time for that. I have a busy life. That's my story and I’m sticking to it.

*A biographical account of the essence of Kristal by Sean.