#ec1dot06 - Getting Downright Political

#ec1dot06 - Getting Downright Political

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On this episode:

What does Reliant K, chipmunk voices, and politics have to do with following Jesus? 

Apparently as much as mood rings and canine flatulence. 

I guess we do talk about things other churches never will. 

Today the Empty Church crew discusses the tie between politics and church and how the tension that exists today also existed in the close-knit group of Jesus’ disciples. 

The story we see in the Gospels shows that despite political differences people were able to unite around the mission of Jesus.  That mission? The realization of the kingdom of God.

Today we start out silly and end up very serious - on this episode of Another Empty Conversation.  

The worst part of our society is the curse of instant reaction. Nothing is viewed with foresight or hindsight - and that is if it is inspected at all. 

My greatest fear is that we adopt this practice in the most precious and sacred spaces of our lives. Our faith, our relationships…our souls. 

Instant oatmeal lacks development of flavor. 

Instant reactions lacks development of character. 


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