#ec1dot17 - A Purely Natural Discussion

#ec1dot17 - A Purely Natural Discussion

On this Episode:

In the beginning God created nature and it seems we have been trying to escape its essence ever since. Through out the Bible nature and the wilderness experience is God’s way of re-calibrating his people with himself. It makes you stop and wonder why so many of neglect the presence of God in his creation. 

We go back to nature and through the wilderness on this week’s episode of Another Empty Conversation. 

Whether it is a place where we recognize his glory through his handiwork or a place of refinement and sin-expelling, Nature is a tool used by God to help us find him.  Take a moment this week and look at the sky, take a walk in a park or on a beach, slow down and notice the nature around you. It may be the most obvious proof of this truth - “God is there and he is not silent.” 

Tick-tock, tick tick there goes the alarm clock! The time has arrived for Another Empty Conversation -  the show that lets you eavesdrop on a conversation about faith and following Jesus. We talk about our faith so you can talk about yours. 

Welcome to Empty Conversation episode 1dot17 - where we go back to nature and journey through the wilderness.

I want to personally thank you for joining us and I am excited to join the EC crew for this week’s conversation.  I want to throw a quick shoutout to those listening in Melbourne Australia and Haymarket VA here in the US. Also want to show some love for the West Coast and all those who are listening in California this week. 

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