#ec1dot19 - The Forgive-and-Forget Fairy Tale

#ec1dot19 - The Forgive-and-Forget Fairy Tale

On this episode:

I love the sound of breaking glass - at least that what rocker Nick Lowe said in the 1960s. In this week’s episode we compare a friendship or any relationship to a pane of glass and ask ourselves the question - what happens when a relationship fractures. 

Forgiveness is the focus on this episode of Another Empty Conversation.

Forgive and forget is a fairy tale.  Forgive and reconcile is the real deal. A relationship that has gone through rough patches fundamentally changes - and that is ultimately a good thing.  We learn more about ourselves, our friends, and the grace that God bestows on us. 

And that is something we should never forget. 

The time has arrived for Another Empty Conversation -  a show that lets you eavesdrop on a conversation about faith and following Jesus. We talk about our faith so you can talk about yours. 

Christian Faith and and the topic of forgiveness go hand in hand.

You can't talk about one without mentioning the other.

All lasting relationships go through times when forgiveness and reconciliation needs to take place. And since our lives are based on relationships - with parents, schoolmates, roommates, spouses, co-workers and more - we think this will be a good topic to discuss. 

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