#ec1dot48 - Conversation Between Church and State: Protest

#ec1dot48 - Conversation Between Church and State: Protest

"Ms. Golightly! I protest!” And so do you and so many our American brothers and sisters. 

Picket Signs are almost as American as picket fences and both serve as visual reminders that some lines should not be crossed. 

Often times a protest is considered “right” or “wrong” based on how it lines up with what we believe. 

Is such an arbitrary position the best way to approach the topic of protest?

On this week’s episode of Another Empty Conversation, we protest the protest against the protest. 

What a conversation it will be!

The time has arrived for Another Empty Conversation -  a show that lets you eavesdrop on a conversation about faith and following Jesus. We talk about our faith so you can talk about yours. 

Welcome  to Empty Conversation episode  #1dot48

This week we continue our Conversation between Church and State as we look into the topic of protest. Politics brings out the extreme in many of us. 

We are at our angriest and most passionate when politics comes up. Throw in some sports and the whole country throws itself into a tizzy. 

That is what has happened with the Great Football protest of 2016. It revolves around the flag, the football field, and the fight for equality. 

But the context of the of the Great Football protest includes the chaos of other recent violent protests. Kneeling on the football field is certainly disrespectful, but we argue that its kneeling is better than looting and destroying people and property. 


What do you think. Let us know how you feel about the protests. Leave us a comment below. 


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So before you start protesting more self-promotion lets get to this week’s Conversation between Church and State


Protest are disrespectful by their very nature - they are an affront to the establishment. 


We also have the right to protest the protest. That is what America so very unique. Public opinion matters. 

But so do lives and so does mutual respect. We will never progress past this point without mutual respect. 

When we listen, let's listen to understand and not just listen to respond. 

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