#ec1dot49 - A Conversation Between Church and State: Lies

#ec1dot49 - A Conversation Between Church and State: Lies

Politicians have earned their reputation as liars. 
There are more flip flops than a summer’s quota at the surf shop. 

But can we be optimistic and say that politicians just change their mind - that they have the same rights as us we are presented with new information. 

Yeah, probably not. 

But we are going to talk about lying and politics anyway and discuss the ethical behavior of our Presidential candidates on this episode of Another Empty Conversation. 

The time has arrived for Another Empty Conversation -  a show that lets you eavesdrop on a conversation about faith and following Jesus. We talk about our faith so you can talk about yours. 

Welcome to Empty Conversation episode 1dot49.

We are humbled that you have joined us and are excited to get started. 

Charging through this series on a Conversation between Church and state is forcing us to reconsider many positions that we have held about politics. IT forces to look our friends in the eye and tell them we disagree with them. 

But it also gives us the opportunity to learn that disagreement is not disunity and that respectfully listening to each other to try to understand each other is actually strengthening our relationships. 

Politics can bring out the worst in us and I'm sure we will disagree more in the coming weeks, but we are learning that a difference of opinion doesn’t have to result in going in different  . 
This week we talk about the lies that politicians tell and try to guess some of the motives they may have. Is it really just for the votes? 

In the next couple weeks, we will discuss the economy and the role of the state in delivering aid to the underprivileged. We are also going to tackle women’s and reproductive rights and also an honest discussion on the what we feel about the candidates as the clock ticks down to Election day. 
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That’s no lie, and neither is today’s conversation. Let’s get to it. 

We love to catch politicians in a lie - there is just some great feeling of justice that fills the air. 
But why is there no similar gratification when we are caught in a lie?
Shouldn’t we welcome the chance to repent and to change?

As gratifying as it is to catch someone else in a lie, it can be saving grace when we are caught and our hearts than can receive an application of grace. 

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