Learning Lament: Does Lament Work? - #ec2dot05

Learning Lament: Does Lament Work? - #ec2dot05

Welcome back to season 2, episode 5 of Another Empty Conversation.

Today we are concluding our discussion on Learning Lament: Faith and Sadness of Biblical proportions.

On this episode, we look back at what we have studied so far and try to answer the question: Can lamenting bring actual social change?

Within our social dynamics of the have’s and the have not’s, the privileged and the poor, the powerful and the powerless. What good can lament bring to the systematic injustice that has been in place for millennia?

It will take everything that we have talked about, blogged about, read about, and lived about to come up with any decent answers.

As we close this series we would like to remind you that there is much more from the EC Crew on the topic of lament. And to make it easier to find all the podcasts, videos, and Sunday recaps we have created a special web page that contains the entire scope of our series on Learning Lament: Faith and Sadness of Biblical Proportions.

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Enough of the promotion already…Let’s get to this week’s Focus Five.

This Week's Focus 5:

  1. The terms “lament” and “vision” (i.e. vision statements) can be both defined as “seeing the reality of the way things are and knowing there must be a better way.” Leaders cast vision. Should they also encourage lament as an agent of change? Why? Why not?
  2. Many groups are seeking social change. The church has joined certain causes to help bring about social change. What are the benefits of the church aligning with social causes? What are the dangers?
  3. Those who bring about change can become powerful leaders. As the church seeks social change is it possible that they are seeking a Christian version of secular power?
  4. The real power of lament is bringing people together, speaking the truth about the current situation, and banding together until change happens. What happens if change doesn’t happen?
  5. How do we join in with those who are suffering in our community? How can we bring the lessons of lament to our neighbors?

Closing Thoughts

That wraps it up for this episode and this series. We have been privileged to be able to talk about the book of Lamentations and how it effects our life. In the coming weeks, we're going to be tackling some issues that are current trending topics and we look forward to talking about those as well as we head into the Easter season. Thank you for listening to this podcast and supporting Empty Church in all the ways that you do. We'll see you on the next episode of Another Empty Conversation.

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