Special Edition: The Future of Empty Church

Special Edition: The Future of Empty Church

As mentioned in our last podcast some changes are coming to Empty Church and another Empty Conversation. 

This past week, we held our first Sunday gathering to worship Jesus, proclaim the Word, and grow in faith together -

With the same principles, we’ve held from the beginning of producing a podcast and a website we are finally taking the next steps that God is telling us to take. 

We think we should fill you in on some history before we explain the future:

Two years ago, when Sean messaged me about starting a church, little did he know that my stubborn heart had been restlessly wrestling with God’s prompting to do that very thing. 

I felt that God was pointing out specific periods of my spiritual development - both inside and outside the church walls - that should be considered as good parameters to deliver the gospel to people. 

As Sean and I talked it became clear that we needed to first follow the commands of Jesus to proclaim the gospel in such a way that people were compelled to be everyday disciples - not just Sunday morning church-goers

We asked ourselves the question - what do most people do every single day - Eureka they pick up their smartphone or hop on a computer and get information about the day - what did they miss, what should they expect, what would everyone be talking about. 

So we started there - we spent 6 months praying and planning over a website and a podcast series that could help people connect with God every single day. 

That is our DNA - producing digital content that helps people engage their faith in Jesus every single day

As we studied the Bible we noticed that God’s people were seldom alone in their stories. Adam was immediately given Eve, Moses had Aaron, Joshua went out with Caleb and David was bestie with Jonathan. Jesus had three super close buddies and twelve really good friends. The Apostle Paul worked with Barnabas and others. We started to see that what is usually portrayed as a monolog was often in the context of a community dialogue. 

Thus Another Empty Conversation was born - our weekly show about faith and following Jesus is centered around the truth of God being proclaimed in a community dialogue. 

Our individual confessions and teachings (our blogs) are birthed out of our community dialogue - and we share these with you so that your can know that you are not alone on your faith journey. 

So you may be thinking : "But a podcast is not a church.” you are right.  

We know that and have never denied it. We knew that God told us to start a church so that is why we started holding a Sunday morning get-together to focus on the Word of God, the community of the saints, the confession of sin, and the process of living faith the six days between Sundays. 

If you have listened to our podcasts at all the following may surprise you about Empty Church; 

  1. We sing songs - though it is not a concert
  2. We proclaim the Word of God through a short sermon - it is not a live podcast recording
  3. We utilize classic expression of community participation: responsive readings, reciting creeds, and community confession


But there are some things might be a bit different than what you expect: 


  1. We expect people to be prepared to come to church. Each day leading up to Sunday will have new digital content that will help you on Sunday morning - we might release the song list early, blogs will give insight into the upcoming sermon, devotionals may be provided so your heart will be prepared. All of this is designed to reduce the awkwardness of coming to church on Sunday - you already know what is going on! Whats there to be afraid of? 
  2. Each sermon is immediately followed by a short time of discourse and discussion. Have you ever wanted the Preacher to explain something that didn’t seem quite right? We have time built in for it. We encourage you asking the questions that will help you make the connections that make your faith come alive. 
  3. We do everything family style: Children are welcome to come and listen. My favorite thing is when the children make artwork about the message and then we get to show it off at the end of the day. 
  4. We take Jesus seriously, we also take him joyfully - the same goes for ourselves and our faith. We goof up a good bit and we laugh about it and despite our inadequacies, Jesus is still glorified and still moves us along for his purposes. 

With all this being said - what does it mean for you, the listener and the reader? 


Nothing changes and everything changes

Another Empty Conversation will always be about a group of people who talking faith and following Jesus. Nothing changes in the format - but from time to time the voices may change. The formats may change as well. We will bring in special guests from time to time and have more interview style episodes. 

Our blogs and artwork will be pointing to specific things that will happen in the upcoming Sunday gathering. They will be beneficial for your spiritual walk, but their greatest impact will be for those that join in with us on Sundays

At this time we have no plans on streaming or releasing the Sunday morning gatherings, but enough requests from our listeners could change our minds. 

And with that being said, if you are interested in finding out more about our Sunday morning gatherings send me an email at

josh@empty.church. I will personally reply to you as quickly as possible, but expect it to be late night or early morning. 

So there you have it - we are moving onward in our journey and we are really glad that you have been with us so far - even if this is the first show you have ever listened to - Thank you for taking the time to hear about Empty Church and to close out we have a saying around here: 

Thank you for letting us be ourselves, so don’t mind if I repeat myself, these Empty Conversations are good for your health - they keep that hollow chatter on the shelf. 

Until next time - Live Empty, Talk about your Faith and opt-in to follow Jesus

And we’ll catch up on the next episode of Another Empty Conversation. 






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